Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Shoes

Did I mention that when I bought my new bike I got new shoes also? These shoes can actually be walked in. My road bike shoes have a very stiff carbon fiber sole that makes energy transfer to the pedals very efficient, but they're not good at all for walking around in. The new ones also have a stiff sole, but it is made of a rubber that gives a little. Also the cleats are recessed in the sole so it is a more natural look. I doubt that anyone will mistake them for hiking shoes, but they're more practical for touring.

On todays ride I dug out the Pearl Izumi AmFib booties and wore them - no frozen toes. It was a little warmer than yesterday with temps in the mid 30's, sunny with light winds - 5 mph maybe. Miles today - 31, total for January - 84 miles.

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