Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Retirement Day!

It has finally arrived. The long awaited retirement day. Now maybe I'll have time for some serious training rides. The folks at work were very generous with their send off, or maybe glad to see me go? Cake at the office, dinner at Boudreaux’s  in St. Joseph, MO and post dinner gathering at the bosses house afterwards. It was much more than I expected. Big thanks to everyone. 
On my Saturday training ride I happened across some horses feeding on a bale of hay in the middle of a field. I stopped and took a couple of snaps, but they were a little too far away for a good picture. I packed up my camera and was about to leave when they stopped feeding and hurried over to the fence as if to say "hey you haven't gotten our good side". They lined up at the fence and posed while I took another picture. As I was riding away they galloped along the fence with me. It was pretty cool.
Tailwinds to ya,

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