Monday, July 12, 2010

It Keeps Getting Better: Yellowstone National Park

Monday 7-12 day 69. A second layover day in West Yellowstone. Just relaxed and caught up on things.

Sunday 7-11 day 68 Layover day in West Yellowstone. Took a bus tour of Yellowstone National Park. This is a great way to be introduced to the park. The driver/guide was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about the history and geology of the park. Took lots of pictures. Following are icons of Yellowstone:

Yellowstone Falls

BetterBill and Yellowstone Falls

Elk With Rack

Old Faithful

Hot Spring




Bison - Buffalo

Old Faithful Pale Ale

Saturday 7-10 day 67 - 65 miles 3170 total miles, Ashton to West Yellowstone, MT. Another new state day, and we will be in Montana for several more days. I had a nice scenic ride today, but hurried along because I could see storm clouds building. I was the first rider into West Yellowstone and missed all but a little rain. Most of the others got dumped on with torrents of rain and large hail. It's good to miss the storms.

Teton Range from Idaho

Friday 7-9 day 66 - 84 miles 3105 total, Jackson to Ashton, ID. A new state day for a day, and ugh what a day. I started the day out with a wrong turn and went 4 miles off route before realizing my mistake. I got back on route and was confronted with a 5.5 mile 10% grade climb over Teton Pass. Later was caught out in the open in a rain/hail storm with marble to pea size hail - ouch!What was supposed to be a difficult 70 mile day turned into a tough 84 mile day. I slept very well that night.

Top of Teton Pass

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar - Jackson

Ray, James and Bill at Snake River Brewing Company
Hydration is important to a cyclist.

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