Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ahh Kansas! Its good to be home.

With the tip a little more than a third over here are some random interesting pictures that I have not posted yet. Enjoy.

Wednesday 6-9 day 36 - 70 miles today 1627 total. Ash Grove to Pittsburg, Kansas. Overnight in Ash Grove we had sever storms: heavy rain, wind, lightening, but no damage to tents. We started the day with clouds and rain but ended with a great tailwind and sunshine in Ahh Kansas! What a great place for a layover day.

Lunch was in Golden City at Cooky's Cafe where they have the best pie on the route - certified.

Tuesday 6-8 day 35 - 50 miles today 1557 total. Marshfield to Ash Grove, MO. Another tough day. The Ozark hills are relentless as any in Kentucky or Virginia. I have begun st hate the downhills because I know they just mean another steep climb. Saw some very unusual clouds today along with beautiful Purple Cornflowers.

Monday 6-7 day 34 - 65 miles today 1507 total. Huston to Marshfield, MO. Cloudy, cool, sprinkles at times with just enough hills to remind me we are still in the Ozarks. With not a bar in town we are staying at the city park (no alcohol allowed) we're sneaking beers like a 16 year olds.

Nice view of the Ozarks
Sunday 6-6 day 33 - 43 miles today 1442 total. Eminence to Huston, MO. Five hilly miles to Alley Springs and a long steep pull out of the valley and the rest of the ride was only moderately hilly. With a nice cool north breeze it was a good day to be on a bike.

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