Monday, June 14, 2010

The News From Newton

Monday 6-14 Layover day in Newton. We now have a 9 day stretch with no layover days. Next posting will probably be from Royal Gorge, CO.

Lee, Olaf, Robert in the Flint Hills

Sunday 6-13 day 40 - 74 miles 1752 total miles. Eureka to Newton. Ten miles into the ride the skies opened up and we were drenched for about 10 minuets, then it just rained for another 20. For most of the rest of the day ugly clouds threatened, but nothing happened. We did get a great wind out of the east tailwind for the last 20 miles into Newton. Actually a good day to be on a bike, most of it was through the Flint Hills.

Photo of a long train on the horizon with an ominous roll cloud above it.

Heard of cattle with roll cloud. 

Saturday 6-12 day 39 - 64 miles 1752 total. Chanute to Eureka. Entered the beautiful Flint Hills today. The Europeans on the trip rushed to Eureka so they could watch the World Cup soccer football game between The United States and England. The game was an exciting 1 to 1 tie. WOW?

Friday 6-11 day 38 - 61 miles 1688 total miles. Pittsburg to Chanute, a no granny gear day. The first of many I hope. The wind was out of the south 10  to 20 MPH, but the route was east to west so it was a side wind most of the day. I rode in an eight man pace line and averaged 13.5 mph, my fastest of the trip yet. Flat is fast! Installed my new bike computer today.

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  1. So clase again, Bill. Laura & I drove through Newton on our way back to KC from Garden City on the Wed, 16th. Didn't see any touring cyclists, just a few locals braving the wind.