Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mort Declares Kansas Is Flat!

This is a partial posting for the past 9 days. I'll post the rest in a few days. The tour is now in Royal Gorge Colorado.

Saturday 6-19 day 46 - 47 miles 2112 total. Scott City to Tribune. Our last day in Kansas and a great one it was.  Cool and overcast in the morning with a nice east tailwind and only 47 miles, almost like a rest day. We've been very lucky with the weather in Kansas. Only one ugly day, Thursday, no rain since Newton, and even a tailwind some of the time.

Fixing a flat. One fixer - 2 supervisors.

Friday 6-18 day 45 - 57 miles 2065 total. Ness City to Scott City. The day began much as yesterday ended with headwinds, but they soon shifted out of the north, then  after lunch a great tailwind for the last 20 miles.

I'm a sucker for old barns and found these two along the way.

Thursday 6-17 day 44 - 66 miles 2008 total miles. Larned to Ness City. Mort declares that Kansas is even flatter than flat! Today we hit a hard earned 2000 mile mark. Visited Fort Larned National Historic Site, the best preserved Indian fort in the U.S. This is a must visit for any history buff. Our tour guide, Zack, was very knowledgeable and a great guide. The fort was complete with all the supplies, uniforms, ammo, and things necessary to run an Indian fort. It was really amazing and time well spent. The rest of the day went downhill. Tough 30 mph head winds and near 100 degree temps made this one of the hardest days of the trip. We were all happy when it was over.

Wednesday 6-16 day 43 - 54 miles, 1942 total. Sterling to Larned. Mort declares Kansas is even flatter than he thought yesterday. This was a real grunt of a day, 50 miles with no place for water, food or people.

Kansas icons Wheat, Oil and Hay

Trike Bikes

Tuesday 6-15 day 42 - 62 miles total miles 1888. Newton to Sterling. Mort declares Kansas is flat.  Wonderful day to be on a bike: cool morning, 82 degree high, partial tailwind 10-15mph. With cycling easy I had time to look around and get some good photos:

Lunch at the Mustard Seed Coffee Shop in Buhler Kansas, a wonderful place.

Amber, Robert, Mort, Bryn, Lee, Olaf

Nice restored pink Studebaker

Old Chevy truck behind the restoration shed.

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