Monday, May 10, 2010


Monday, May 10 day 6 Greetings from Charlottesville, VA. This is a layover day and much welcome. Legs and butt both need a rest. There is also time to organize our gear, do the wash, and clean the bikes. This is really a college town: University of Virginia designed by Thomas Jefferson. It is also the home of President Jefferson - Montecello.
At Left: Mort for short, Lee, Joe and Olaf

Sunday 5-9 day 5. 51 miles - 5:50 rtm - 11.1mph avg - 222 total miles, Hale farm to Charlottesville. The hills are getting harder and the country is becoming much more rural. There are plenty of horse ranchs here and fewer Battlefields. Got our first view of the Appalachias today - Ther're out there! 
Top photo Camp at Hale Farm. Bottom photo nice sunset at Hale Farm.

Saturday 5-8 day 4. 62,75 miles, 5:24 rtm, 11.6 mph avg 171 total miles.
Ashland to Hales Farm. William Hale is a throwback to the 60's and so is his farm. Will grows organic rye, has solar powered hot water, and the place is down right funkie. Hale and farm are one. I'm not sure that this is the life for me, but the starry night sky was superb.

Campgrounds at KOA - Ashland.

Friday 5-7 day 3. 32 miles, 2:42 rtm, 12.0 mph, total miles 109. Glendale to Ashland. The campground was OK, but too close to a busy interstate. We are now in more central Virginia. It seems that every town, road and plantation has a battlefield attached to it. There has been much American blood lost in these fields.

Camp at Willis Church (Glendale) and curious tree smooth with seemingly no bark.

Thursday 5-6 day 2: 49 miles, 4:04 rtm, 12.0mph avg. Williamsburg to Glendale (Willis Church). This was a very enjoyable ride that was mostly on bike trails. Oh how I wish the rest of the ride would be like this!

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