Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wheel Dipping - We're Off!

Wednesday 5-5 28 miles, 2:14 ride time 12.7mph avg. Rode to Yorktown and dipped wheeles into Cheseapeak Bay (Atlantic Ocean). We are oficially off.

After the wheel dipping we had lunch served to us by the wonderful people at Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown. They were very generous and meeting people like that is the reason many of us are doing this trip.
I have been asked many times why we are doing this trip from east to west. Here is the official American Cycling Association reason. The ride began in 1976 as a celebration of America's Bicentennial. America was settled from east to west and this recreates that adventure. Sounds good to me.
There is some serious bike repair going on here.
A statue of Pocahontis and an archeological dig of the original Jamestown fort/settlement.

Williamsburg Inn - Williamsburg, VA - not where I am staying, and a shot of some beautiful flowers in front of the Inn.

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