Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Routine

Sunday 5-23 day 19 layover day in Berea, KY. There is a routine most of us have fallen into: eat, ride, eat, sleep. It's time to start exploring more. This is the second day of sunshine - no rain, and my spirits have improved considerably. I am writing this blog from a McDonalds in Berea. The first one I have seen in 19 days. I guess the world is still out there. It's amazing how small mine is.

Saturday 5-22 day 18 Boonville to Berea - 52 miles 783 total miles. This seems to be a poor depressed area, but also very pretty. Many houses are little more than shacks, trailers, and houses piled high with junk, and the people reflect their living conditions. There are lots of 'bubbas' but most people are very friendly and curious about where we are from and where we are going and can't believe we are doing it on a bike. This morning I ran out of water in the middle of nowhere and no towns for miles. I stopped at a pretty little farmhouse where a lady was cutting some roses. She graciously offered water from a spigot and it was the best water I've had on the trip.

Friday 5-21 day 17. Hindamin to Boonville - 64 miles 731 total miles. Still some big climbs, but a shorter day than yesterday. More wild dogs. camped behind a church with one portapotty and one cold shower for 16 bikers!

Thursday 5-20 day 16. Breaks to Hindamin, Kentucky - 73 miles total 667. Crossed into Kentucky today and it seems like it should be a milestone, but we have many more to go. Kentucky's motto should be "The Wild Dog State" I don't know where they all come from, most of the just bark, but some actually try to get ya. Long tough day with big climbs followed by a strenuous push up to the Hindamin Historical Society where we camped. Dave was very hospitable with iced tea, beer and ice cream sunday for dessert. Naturally it rained overnight.

Wednesday 5-19 day 15. Rosedeale to Interstate Breaks State Park - 44 miles 594 total. A nice ride spoiled by 3 walks. A killer hill began the day and 3 big climbs finished it. Then it rained. We are three miles from crossing the border, tomorrow it is on to Kentucky. I've biked across Virginia while my nose ran. Photo is taken from Breaks Park, I'm sure there is a state border down there somewhere.

Tuesday 5-18 Day 14, Damascus to Rosedale - 38 miles 550 total miles.
The first three miles were the most scenic of lands the trip. Through farm lands with quiet streams and rivers with old barns and mills. Then a sever 3 mile 8% upgrade that I thought would never end. That evening we shared accommodations with Fred and Barbara, 76 and 74 years young and married 54 years. They are from Australia and cycling the TransAm on a tandem. What a great couple and inspiration for all of us. Oh yes, it rained.

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  1. Bill

    Keep up the posts. AFM planning week was good.. Enjoy and have a great trip. Lots of good sites to see.

    Lots of rain in Kansas also.

    Bill Huninghake