Monday, May 17, 2010

Damascus, VA

Sorry, I screwed up posting this blog. I did it in reverse order so that the 12th
day is last and the 7th day is first, but you'll figure it out.
To get a different perspective of the trip and more "people" photos you shouds visti Bryns Blog: There are other blog links on the left side of this page.

Tuesday 5-11 day 7, Charlottesville to Afton. Only 29 miles today 251 total trip miles.
A short but difficult day. We stopped at Wyant's Store in Whitehall for breakfast and Chile's Orchard for the best fresh strawberry shake.  From there we struggled over the hills in the rain to Afton and the "cookie lady" June Curry is a legend for hospitality on the TransAm route. We spent the night in her hostel which is a real TransAm bikers museum. Amber took lots of photos.

Wednesday 5-12 day 8, Afton to Mallard Duck campground. 43 miles today total trip 294.
This is billed as the toughest day of the trip, it is mostly on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is my third time cycling the Blue Ridge, and it will be my last. It is always tough and I wind up walking some of the longet steeper hills. Finished the last 5 miles in a thunderstorm. This is becoming a theme of the trip. Camped next to a babbling brook and had a good nights sleep. 

Thursday 5-13, day 9, 46 miles today, 340 total miles. Mallard Duck to Camp Bethel.
The day started with a difficult climb, but then a dream ride next to pretty rivers and streems. The day was marred only by 2 different dog attacks. Stopped in Lexington (home of VMI) for coffee and a repair to my bike shoe cleats - one bolt $1.58. The photo above os of a waterfall on the Tye River. Rain in the morning, cloudy and cool all day.

Friday 5-14, day 10, 57 miles - 397 total miles. Camp Bethel to Christianburg.
The hardest day of the trip so far. Warm humid and very,very, very hilly. Pretty country, but I was not much interested in taking pictures. Tough day.

Saturday 5-15 day 11. 57 miles today 453 trip miles. Christianburg to Wytheville.
Breakfast at Famous Anthony's was better than cold cereal. We stopped for lunch at a small country store in Draper on the New River Bike Trail. Neat place. Still lots of hills. I don't know which day the above photo was taken, it could have been any day.

Sunday 5-16 day12. 59 miles 512 total miles. Wytheville to Damascus.
There was a steep 6 mile 1250 foot climb that we were about, but I had no trouble with it. I think I am getting stronger. After that there was a 15 mile downhill, the best coast ever. My favorite day of the trip so far despite the drenching we got. Mort for short in top photo and Olaf and Joe bottom photo on the dreaded 6 mile climb.
Damascus, a layover day, is a genuine outdoor town with the 'A' Trail , the TransAm route, a trout stream and a rafting river. Acomodations are in the city park and it's raining!

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