Monday, May 31, 2010

Relaxing In Carbondale, IL

To find yet different pictures and perspective of the trip visit Ambers Blog Check out her YouTube video of the thunderstorm.

Sunday 5-30 day 26 Dixon Springs to Carbondale 56 miles total 1189 miles. The most fun day cycling I've had on the trip so far. Many rolling hills that you can "sling shot" over. I'm still getting stronger and more accustomed to the grind - having more fun. Took a pleasant break at Grassy Lake State Park. Layover day in Carbondale is very welcome, my legs are getting sore also my behind needs a rest.
Olaf, Lee and Robert

Well look here, a Jayhawk in the middle of Illinois. They're everywhere.
Saturday 5-29 day 25 Marion to Dixon Springs State Park, 50 miles 1133 total miles. Crossed the Ohio river by ferry into Illinois, but we didn't loose the hills. Visited Cave in Rock State Park. Found our first real Saloon in Golconda, IL, the Sweetwater Saloon. Everyone was very friendly and bought us beers. There are ten miles still to ride, but who can resist free beer and fun banter!

Friday 5-28 day 24 Slaughter to Marion 31 miles - 1083 miles total. With all the excitement yesterday I forgot to mention that we hit the 1,000 mile mark, only 3,300 more to go. Today was an easy day albeit the hills seem to go only one way - up! We spent the night at the Baptist Church in Marion. It is the nicest indoor facility we have stayed in thus far, and maybe ever. Big rec room, great kitchen, showers, restrooms, all the comforts except wi-fi. The ice cream at the Marion cafe was delicious. I must eat more ice cream.

Downtown Marion

I won this Lockheed Martin jersey at a raffle by Garry and Beth Feltus 

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