Monday, May 31, 2010

Disaster In Kentucky

Thursday 5-27 day 23 Garry and Beth's Farm to Darryl and Kim Patton's Farm (Slaughter, KY). 81 miles 1052 miles total. Wow! what a day!! This has been the longest, hottest, bazaar and disastrous day on the tour. We suffered through 89 degree heat, humidity, hills, then rain, wind, lightening, hail, and then disaster! The day was scheduled to be a long one and everyone was rolling along nicely through lunch. We stopped at Hometown Proud IGA store in Utica Kentucky for lunch break when we noticed afternoon thunderstorms may be coming. With about 30 miles left in the ride the storm hit with lightening flashing all around, wind that flattened hay waiting to be mowed, rain coming down so hard the other side of the street couldn't be seen and marble size hail. Wonderful day to be on a bike! Everyone did find a garage, shed or roof to duck under , but we all got very wet. The storm lasted for about half an hour and we resumed the ride in a light rain. Unfortunately this was not the worst of it. With 22 miles left our leader, Jack, was attacked by one of Kentucky's infamous fierce wild dogs. The resultant crash left Jack with a broken collar bone, cracked ribs and numerous other scrapes and bruises. He must be off the bike for 4 weeks and the tour is in limbo. Arrangements have been made to Carbondale, IL, but after that things are uncertain. We spent the night with Jack's friend and ACA tour guide Darryl and Kim Patton. They were very generous hosts and an unmeasurable help to Jack.

(ps. I am posting this in Carbondale, IL and the plan for now is for Jack to follow the tour in his struck and keep us together and make arrangements that way until and unless ACA finds a replacement. It looks now like the tour will continue.)

Friendly couple on horseback. I wonder if their butt is any happier than mine?
Wednesday 5-26 day 22 Hodgenville to Feltus Holler Farm, Caneyville, KY. 60 miles, 971 total miles. The terrain was flat to rolling hills with the last 10 miles being very hilly, but a no walk day. Visited a very nice bike shop in Litchfield, KY and replaced the battery in my odometer. It worked for 1.11 miles! Guess it's not the battery. Spent the night at the farm of Garry and Beth Feltus, two Adventure Cycling Associates who are paying back and forward for the generosity of others. They were very hospitable and it was a wonderful night.

Garry and Beth Feltus

Happiness is seeing a full moon through my tent.
Jack with his buddy, BOB.

Leading the charge or bringing up the rear? Joe, Bryn, our leader Jack Pettry, and Amber.

Tuesday 5-25 day 21 Springfield to Hodgenville, 50 miles, 911 total miles. Hodgenville is proud of being President Lincoln's birth place, although he grew up in Illinois. I visited the area, but the shrine enclosing his log cabin was closed for renovation. This is agriculture and horse country and noticeably more affluent, but the dogs are still out there.

Monday 5-24 day 20 Berea to Springfield, 78 miles 861 total miles. Long hot dry day. I took two detours (lost my way) was chased by dogs and ran out of water, but all in all a good day. Hills are becoming smaller and country is more rolling and open. Had a good nights sleep at the Springfield Inn in a real bed.

This is tobacco country with lots of charcoal barns. They aid in drying and curing tobacco leaves.

Sunday 5-23 Layover day in Berea, KY. Michel shows off his portable bike cleaning tool - a toothbrush.

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